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With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to start planning for the Festive Season. While some of us head off in to the Sun, but for the most will take advantage and stay at the comfort of their own home and having Christmas dinner with family and friends. Also companies will have staff night outs and parties for  co-workers and families. It can get very expensive quickly, become time consuming and stressful on your part.

This is what we doe here at Made for you Catering is remove all of that stress and cost. 

You Haven't got time?

No matter how big or small a party is, you always have to take time to create it. But if you are a busy bee who only has five minutes for everything else, chances are you won’t have time to create a plan even for a single party. With Made for you catering, you can focus on your priorities as we will do the thinking, planning and cooking for you.

Reduce your costs

Some might debate that caterers charge more than the dishes they serve. What they fail to realise is that it goes beyond the price of the ingredients. From going to and fro the market down to the cutlery, glasses and Christmas décor, you’re going to shell out cash for these items. And with that, hiring a party catering service for your Holidays doesn’t necessarily break the bank.

Excellent Food Guarantee

Our proven track record and customer testimonials is proof in our assurance that, you will experience your very own party in your mouth. Our food is fresh, exquisite and full of flavour.  Aside from that, they will be keen to any food restrictions, allergies and other food-related issues to make your Christmas party better.

Let someone else worry

Decide on what you want and simply turn up. The satisfaction of your Family, Friends, Guests, Clients, or Co-workers should always be your top priority and that alone is enough to lose a nights sleep. That is why hiring Made for you catering is one way to rescue you from the pits of stress.  All you have to do is get in touch and have a chat with Adrian and your Christmas party worries will dramatically reduce.


Already planning for a Christmas party? We  are more than willing to help you get your party started

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All year round Services

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 We cover every County  of Ireland from top to bottom. If you require roast pig for your party, special occasion or wedding no matter what you are planning, we have a menu to suit all your event needs.

Our team have a vast number of years' experience and are highly qualified. Our chefs are experts in their fields providing catering for weddings, Communions, retirements, festivals, family parties, and corporate functions. These are days to remember and we wish to make sure your day is unforgettable.

The food used in all our event catering is 100% Irish and we pride ourselves on giving back to the community by buying locally. Our recipes are unique and are famous for their flavour and exquisite taste. There is an aroma of mixed aromatic spices and herbs with our secret sauces that will leave you longing for more. All foods are fresh and everything is prepared right in front of you.

Our BBQs are second to none, with a vast array of meats and specially designed burgers, sausages, Chicken etc to suit all needs. We will provide top notch salads from across the Globe, these are plates with the most Vibrant of colours and presentations. 

They are tasty and healthy and not loaded with artificial produce, but pure unadulterated natural ingredients. We take care in preparing our tastes so that you and your Family & of course Guests can be left guessing about the flavours they are experiencing. 

Dietary needs are met if we are informed of such, to help people enjoy the full experience. So please do not hesitate to ask us for alternatives. We love the challenge and if we don't have it we will certainly source it.


We use top of the range equipment and All our Chefs and Team are fully HACCP trained.  We pride ourselves on doing it right and Hygiene and safety are our number one priority. We want all our clients to feel secure in the fact that, while they eat our foods they will do so according to the regulations laid out by the health food authority. Our Pig on a spit bbq’s will be the main piece of any event. Everyone will be licking their fingers once they taste our pulled pork babs.

We have a wide selection of  BBQ Menus and roast Spit Menus. We are by far the cheapest around and you will find it hard to beat us in price to quality ratio. We can cater for large or small parties. 

Bring the atmosphere...No matter the Season

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You create the occasion, we create the food